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22 years in Architecture Engineering and Construction- solutions engineered on deep insights

SoftTech Government Solutions, through its software products and solutions empowers business transformation. For over 20+ years now, we are leveraging leading industry practices in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) domains to creating value for businesses. Our solutions are designed to augment and enhance the sustainable competitive edge of businesses through robust frameworks that positively impact all the business-critical factors.


We provide tools to streamline the of building plan scrutiny process for the public sector i.e. government and public works organizations. With our products namely AutoDCR and PWIMS you can save time which is an essential commodity today.


We also have a construction erp Opticon which will enhance efficiency and streamline the constructions processes of the private sector. But we will be releasing the product at a later date in United States.


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Building Plan Scrunity

Public Works Enablement

Construction Execution