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Collaborative BIM based construction permit platform



An innovative 3D Building Information Modeling based integrated Building Plan Approval System which automatically analyzes 3D CAD files and compares them to applicable building codes. BIMDCR generates an instant report detailing any code violations and affected areas of the 3D model.

3D Model scrutiny advantages

A Single 3D BIM model with layers of all services prevents deviations in building plans approved by different departments

All errors are highlighted on the same model as per regulations.

Approval at various stages made easy by comparing the as-constructed model with approved BIM model.

Enable comparison of the approved model with the model actually being constructed.

Unauthorized construction control at various stages of any project.

3D Visualization with BIM provides a better picture of what a structure may look like in a plot/GIS city map.

Provides information of construction materials, energy efficiency, sustainability, environment protection, and building orientation parameters for deploying Green Building Code compliance.

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Simulation can be undertaken with ease.

BIMDCR™ Features

Auto Scrutiny

Automatic building plan scrutiny and approval process - Automatic Building Plan Approval System can be developed as per the building codes and regulations of various Municipal Corporations along with the required localizations.

Automatically analyzes and identifies building plan and layout objects from the building model

Maps the objects in the building model file to development control rules

Verifies Building codes to find variance Auto zooming facility

Dynamic reports

Customized reports

Plot area report, MIS & failed item reports

Reporting with associated rules.

Auto Zooming Facility

Clear view and easy analysis of the failed objects in the list of areas not meeting building codes, and stating reason for failure for each occurrence.

Automated workflow and alerts

Automating approvals by designated authorities and maintaining an audit trail of all changes

Scrutiny of documents classified as ownership, NOC and affidavits.

Email or text alerts and notifications

Integration of iOS & Android base smart mobile devices d to capture information on the site.

Flexibility of customization

Customizable to fit codes and requirements of Federal, State, County, or City.

Localization support

BIMDCR™ Workflow