Company Profile - SoftTech Government Solutions Inc
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20+ Years Of Empowering Business Transformations

Established in 1996, SoftTech empowers business transformation through software products and solutions that are built on deep domain expertise. Over the years, we have leveraged our leading industry practices in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) domains to create value for businesses. Our solutions are designed to augment and enhance the sustainable competitive edge of businesses through robust frameworks that positively impact all the business critical factors. We constantly improve and maintain our high-quality solutions through dedicated, proactive market research and developmental efforts.

SoftTech Government Solutions, Inc. is the newest addition to the SoftTech family.  SoftTech Government Solutions leverages advanced technology to provide solutions to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) projects and public works management to the United States public sector.  SoftTech Government Solutions specifically serves the US Federal market, State Governments, and Local Counties and Municipalities to help streamline the building permit and public works processes.  Our solutions are designed to ease the burden on agency staff, improve permit processing time, improve productivity, and increase satisfaction of citizens and public sector agents alike.  We are focused on meeting your unique needs, challenges and goals, to help your agencies and departments deliver the best service possible.

Our Solution Differentiators

Deep Industry Knowledge And Insights

Strategic Approach To Business Efficiency & Transformation

Scalable Products & Robust Frameworks

At SoftTech Engineers Ltd, we develop innovative software and intellectual property in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) domains and are the creators of one of the most preferred Automated CAD-based building plan scrutiny and approval process – AutoDCR® which has been used by over 500+ Municipal Corporations across the country, besides a few international clients spread across GCC and North & West Africa.

Our most technologically advanced and flagship solution to date is OPTICON™ – an integrated system, it is a full web-based ERP software that is extremely useful for all constructions and real estate companies. It is an all-in-one-solution that maps out the necessary business functions for construction enterprises, such as bidding, cost estimation, project management, accounting, plant and machinery, client billing, subcontractor management, sales, CRM, and HR & Payroll.

Coming with a deep domain expertise within the software and construction industry, we bring the ability to understand customer and category needs and provide solutions to deliver business results. We’re focused on software for the construction industry and have serviced over 4500 clients across the world.

History and Timeline Of SoftTech Engineers Inc