Federal - SoftTech Government Solutions Inc
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Good Governance Is Smart Governance


Improved productivity, increased satisfaction, better management of public funds, and greater transparency enabled by e-governance technologies.

SoftTech Government Solutions possesses critical domain expertise required to meet the needs of Federal agencies engaged in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) projects by deploying speed, agility and efficiency in delivery. Some of the largest and most complicated AEC and infrastructure development projects are undertaken by Federal agencies.  Typical project approvals in building construction, infrastructure development and management of public works are complex and often require integration & interoperability between different government departments.  The same is applicable for smart cities around the world. E-governance can be tailored made to suit the needs of various departments, divisions, and agencies.


With more than 500 customers served across 600 municipal councils, building plan analysis of more than 50 million sq.ft. space coupled with visionary expertise, SoftTech has been the frontrunner of Government decision making automation pertaining to Architecture, Engineering and Construction vertical. Our leading offerings AutoDCR, BIMDCR & PWIMS are groundbreaking, scalable, and customized to meet government needs of all sizes.